Haggis Season

Address the Haggis

Quietly amazes me the number of Burns’ Suppers I have done over the years especially in the South. Some are good and some are down right diabolical. I don’t suggest for one minute that you always need to have the full-on Supper with all the ‘official’ protocols followed, but please don’t take the piss!  Celtic Krystal will be out celebrating the Ploughman Poet on three occasions this year and please note that all the gigs are table reservations so don’t take the Mick and turn up expecting a seat for the night. It is great craic and our celebrations are particularly Burns’ Immortal Memory in Song. So bring your voice box and enjoy the music. Just remember a plate of haggis, neeps and tatties does not make a Burns’ Supper. You need to take part and enjoy the entertainment. End of rant.

January 15th 2024