Celtic Krystal Folk by The Orange Tree

Celtic Krystal

Posted 12th September 2023.

Celtic Krystal putting it out there at The Orange Tree in Hitchin, Hertfordshire playing Celtic tunes for the diners and the listeners. Normally it is Folk by the Oak, but on this occasion it’s Folk by the Orange Tree with Celtic Krystal and it never fails to amaze me how folks get up and dance at these sorts of gigs.  I think it was a first, certainly in recent years, for traditional folk music at the pub. Being still in the school holidays there were lots of families present and the kids were up on their feet right from the start bopping around to Dennis Murphy and the other polkas. Folk music always seems to bring out the patriotism or is it nationalism in folks of all flags that night being no exception other than I suspect the Irish tricolour had the upper hand! Hopefully, Celtic Krystal Folk by the Orange Tree will make a welcome return early next year. I think we have led the way for further folk singers, duos and the like to offer their musical talents to this venue, which is better known for DJs, tribute bands and the like. To finish the night was a ubiquitously refreshed member of the audience giving it laldy with “I’ll Take You Home Again, Kathleen” a song by Thomas Paine Westendorf in 1875. The music is actually based on  Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto in E Flat Minor Opus 64 Second Movement, so maybe it’s not so Irish after all, but nobody took the orange pip at Celtic Krystal Folk by The Orange Tree – Hitchin. I am so pleased with this pub gig lots of happy people enjoying the craic, live music, joining in the songs and doing some sort of rhythmic body movements on the dance floor, well bar floor and not on the tables this time round – we could be asked back as we have not been barred!

It no longer surprises me at gigs about the audience response to Celtic Music in Hertfordshire. Maybe, I will Rant about why this is in another post about the reasons why !

Stay Safe and Stay in Tune – Rantin’ Rovin’ Robin

September 12th 2023