Dearth of Celtic Music

Posted 5th December 2023

It no longer surprises me about the dearth of Celtic Music in Hertfordshire and the home counties. Maybe I will Rant about this in another post about Celtic bands available and places to play, but for the moment it appears to me that for the majority we live in a Celtic desert. So many Irish, Scots, French, Welsh to note the thousands living in the South East. Little is played outside of Hammersmith and Kilburn High Street. Yes, many moved south for work and still do and sometimes the lack of the Celtic vibe, I suggest, is also tied to the politics of the day and sometimes to the fact that it is perceived that only the ageing hold this umbilical Celtic connection back to their roots.   So is the reason ageist or racist?  Whatever, I think it is time to spread the vibe in clubs and pubs again and not just drag it out on 30th November, 25th January and 17th March for that token demonstration. Look North of the Border and there is a vibrant music scene in cities, towns and villages and it is not a parochial Scottish vibe. It’s a eclectic mix of all types of music and, you know what ?,  it is mainly driven by young bands and singers !  If you wish an example an example of proof then check out Celtic Connection in Glasgow – 18th January to 4th February 2024. Pubs, halls, clubs all rammed and buzzing !

Stay Safe and Stay in Tune – Rantin’ Rovin’ Robin

December 5th 2023