An Phib – “Here is a hugely-interesting player in the ‘gentleman’ mould, greatly involved with his instrument and all its wondrous potential, particularly on airs. A soft spot for the harmonic is there in keyboard chordal drones, and adventuring into didgeridoo shows he is not shy of experiment. This is rather overwhelming, but if Paddy O’Brien’s is humerously zany, and his tricks on ‘Ask my Father’ approach stuck-CD precision, curios like using regulators for melody notes and a great launeddas-like blast at times leave little room for tedium. His obsession with the technicalities of tight fingering and regulator effects is a constant lift – in moments pure Clancy or again Ennis, on perfectly tuned, high-quality instruments” Irish Sunday Tribune, Dublin – Fintan Vallely

Way back in Sydney ’94, Dicky teamed with the Aboriginal Didgeridoo legend Mark Atkins where they became the first musicians to hold a concert from on top of the Sydney Opera House Sails. This special concert, organized by the Sydney Opera House Trust, drew to a close the spectacular events and celebrations marking the Sydney Opera House’s 21st Birthday that year.

Recorded: 1999


1. Stor mo Chroi (Treasure of my Heart) (Air) 2.43
2. The Flags of Dublin / The Fairy Reel / The Merry Harriers / The Pinch of Snuff / The Bucks of Oranmore (Reels) 5.31
3. An Buinnean Bui (The Yellow Bittern) / The King of the Pipers (Air/Jig) 6.14
4. Cuaichin Ghleann Neifen (The Little Cuckoo of Glen Nephin) (Air) 3.44
5. The Fox’s Lament (Air) 4.40
6. The Anchory Lasses / The Smokey House / Toss the Feathers (Reels) 3.37
7. The Gold Ring / The Contradiction (Jig/Hornpipe) 6.28
8. Unknown Hornpipe / The Morning Thrush / The Merry Sisters (Hornpipe/Reels) 3.27
9. John Eagans / Ask my Father / Pat Wards (Hornpipe/Single Jigs) 4.03
10. Limericks Lamentation (Air) 3.07
11. An Buichaillan Ban (The Dear Irish Boy) (Air) 3.59
12. Paddy O’Briens / Valencia Harbour (Reel/Air) 4.10
13. King of the Pipers / The Hare in the Corn Frahers (Jigs) 5.34
14. Casadh an tSugain (Twisting the Hayrope) (Air) 2.46
15. An Caisdeach Ban (Fair Haired Cassidy) / Nora Criona (Wise Nora) (Air/Jig) 7.24
16. Stor mo Chroi (Treasure of my Heart) (Air) 3.59

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