Robin & Celtic Krystal ~ July 2018

CELTIC KRYSTAL CD, SILVER HERRING EARRINGS, POSTERS BY EILIDH PRICE ALL AVAILABLE FROM THEONLINE SHOP. Our new Celtic Krystal T-Shirts will soon be available from the shop and on sale at our gigs.

paddy's day poster

This exciting new album includes many well know traditional folksongs and fiddle tunes. Themed around Ewan MacColl’s famous ‘The Shoals of Herring’ – the backdrop for the new CD – gave a living narrative to the creative design work of Scottish Designer Eilidh Price. Here you have a vivid insight into the music behind the inlay card and booklet. Robin Campbell sings the songs and Krystal Woodbridge plays a variety of traditional fiddle tunes. Duncan Ivory brings Bass Guitar and Bass Ukulele, while Dicky Deegan completes the crew on Whistles and Uilleann pipes. We hope you will come aboard and enjoy this album.

Celtic Krystal is available for Parties, Folk Nights, Ceilidhs, Concerts, Clubs, Pubs, Festivals, Weddings and Wakes, Saints Days and Holidays – indeed anywhere you want a Celtic vibe. email via our contact page or phone 07860 667 557.