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Haggis Season

January 15th 2024

Quietly amazes me the number of Burns’ Suppers I have done over the years especially in the South. Some are good and some are down right diabolical. I don’t suggest for one minute that you always need to have the full-on Supper with all the ‘official’ protocols followed, but please don’t take the piss!  Celtic […]


Dearth of Celtic Music

December 5th 2023

Posted 5th December 2023 It no longer surprises me about the dearth of Celtic Music in Hertfordshire and the home counties. Maybe I will Rant about this in another post about Celtic bands available and places to play, but for the moment it appears to me that for the majority we live in a Celtic […]


Celtic Krystal Folk by The Orange Tree

September 12th 2023

Posted 12th September 2023. Celtic Krystal putting it out there at The Orange Tree in Hitchin, Hertfordshire playing Celtic tunes for the diners and the listeners. Normally it is Folk by the Oak, but on this occasion it’s Folk by the Orange Tree with Celtic Krystal and it never fails to amaze me how folks […]