Burns’ Nights

What is Burns’ Night?

Burns’ Night is a celebration of Scotland’s national poet Robert Burns. Burns’ Nights come in all forms and sizes – from grand gatherings of hundreds of people to the smaller ceilidh sort of event, or even nights where “couthy and drouthy neebors meet” around the fire side at hame. Traditionally, a Burns’ Night will include food, music, recitations, pipers, poems and even the enthusiastic thespian sporting the Kilmarnock bunnet for a rendition of Tam o’Shanter, or ghostly night attire for Holy Willie’s Prayer.

When is Burns’ Night?

Burns’ Night falls on the 25th January each year, honouring the birth of Robert Burns – the Ploughman Poet. He was born on the 25th January 1759 at Alloway in Ayrshire, Scotland and died on the 21st July 1796 in Dumfries.

Burns’ Nights are held on the 25th January world-wide, but due to their immense popularity and importance to so many people, they can be held on any night of the year.

What is a Burns’ Supper?

A Burns’ Supper can be a simple meal of haggis, neeps and tatties to the more exotic banquet complimenting any Burns’ Night. Whatever the fare, Burns’ Nights are essentially all about good company and the wellbeing of a warm social gathering. Certain aspects of the Burns’ Supper rarely change. Burns wrote many graces but The Selkirk Grace is probably the most popular, the haggis is piped in, toasts abound and the Immortal Memory to Burns is delivered with great reverence. The evening is interwoven with songs and poems, fiddlers and accordionists, and some nights conclude with Scottish dancing.

Burns’ Nights and Burns’ Suppers with Robin

Flyer for Burns' Nights with Robin

For Robin, songs by Robert Burns were always a key ingredient of any set list in the days of Lomond Folk and remain so today when playing as both a solo artist and with Celtic Krystal. Robin was influenced by his late singing partner Donald Brown, who was a devotee of the works of Burns. Also, having worked with John Cairney in his acting role as Robert Burns, Robin was motivated to start performing solo at Burns’ Nights. Closer to home, Robin’s enthusiasm for the works of Burns was his family connection with Kilmarnock, Ayrshire.

Robin has performed at Burns’ Nights in bothies, barns, community halls, masonic halls, hotels and political gatherings of most colours! He has also ‘chaired’ Burns’ Nights for many institutions.

If you wish to hold your own Burns’ Night, Robin is more than happy to discuss and help you plan your event. If you wish to book Robin, please check for his availability before completing the contact form.

Free Burns’ Night Download

As a taster of what to expect at one of Robin’s Burns’ Nights, Robin has released his ‘Robert Burns Unplugged’ album in its entirety, as a free download. Tracks include Burns’ Night favourites such as The Selkirk Grace, To A Haggis and My Luv Is Like A Red Red Rose.

To visit the downloads page and grab yourself a copy click here.