About Robin Campbell’s Celtic Mashup


Robin Campbell’s Celtic Mashup evolved with the news that Krystal, the fiddler in Celtic Krystal, was expecting a baby in 2020.  The duo will certainly continue in the future, but should Celtic Krystal not be available, then Robin Campbellā€™s Celtic Mashup will provide the craic!

Celtic Mashup is up for the usual gigs plus Celtic Weddings and wakes after Celtic Funerals. Dicky Deegan, on Uilleann pipes, or Robin on Danny Boy will always bring a tear to the eye – for a fee ! 

The elastic, scratch lineup of the group is Robin on Vocal / Guitar, Dicky Deegan on Uilleann Pipes and Whistles, when available, A.N.other on Bass, when available, A.N.other on Fiddle, when available and Robin as Roadie – always available!  We have our own PA suitable for most gigs except the O2 and Wembley. We have PLI through the Musicians Union, which covers accidents, but does not cover Armageddon.

If you want the Craic then get in touch